SiTime: Story of Timekeeping - Posters

Illustration, Graphic Design

Embark on a visual odyssey inspired by SiTime's ebook, "Story of Timekeeping," where intricate layout and geometric illustrations come to life. From this enchanting project emerges a new venture: stunning posters capturing the essence of the ebook's narrative. Dive into the world of timeless design and explore the evolution of timekeeping through these captivating artworks.





The process of crafting illustrated posters for the walls of Si Time Company involved a collaborative effort to bring the content of our past ebook on Timekeeping to life in a visually engaging manner.


In addition to the creation of these illustrations, extensive graphic design work was undertaken to ensure seamless integration within the office environment. From color schemes to typography, every detail was carefully considered to enhance the visual impact of the posters and create a cohesive aesthetic throughout the space. The result was a series of visually striking posters that not only beautified the workplace but also served as educational tools, inspiring curiosity and engagement among Si Time Company's employees.


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