Murals are a great way to elevate your business or home space, make it stand out and become unique.

Do you have a project in mind?
Let me help make it happen!

Steps to get your new mural


1. Reach out

Get in touch and tell me all about your idea for your new mural project. Let's discuss timeline and budget, I'd love to have a chat and hear about it.


2. Design it

Design process starts based on our previous talk and agreements. Digital sketches and color tests will be sent and approved in this step.


3. Let's paint

Let's make it real! After design is approved and painting dates are set, it will be time to start adding some color to your walls!


4. Show off!

Great work! Time to enjoy and celebrate the new artwork in your space, let's take a picture together!

Orientative pricing


Each project is different and pricing can vary.

An orientative pricing would be 50€ per square metre for an indoor wall and 75€ for an outdoor wall.
The design has an extra cost of 250€. Paint and material cost is included.


Drop me a line!

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